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Work direction

In order to take shape, the project needs a work supervisor, the Associate Firm will take care of developing what is on the project tables by undertaking the following activities:

  • Supervising the regular execution of the work, both as regards the methods and times;
  • Checking compliance of the quality and quantity of the materials used with those prescribed in the detailed design;

  • Keeping site accounts managing the Progress Report (S.A.L.) of the companies involved in the building process in progress;

  • Regularly checking possession and conformity by the contractor of the documents foreseen by the current legislation relating to obligations towards employees.

The Work Supervisor talks exclusively with the contractor concerning the technical and financial aspects of the contract.

In this phase, FORMAELAB becomes the guarantor of the correct execution of the work with the aim of presenting the Certified Declaration of Habitability at the end of the work.