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About us

Formaelab is the architectural/design component of PROJECT WORKS Studio Tecnico Associato, born from the joint cooperation of two professional surveyors who now share ideas, projects and methods, after acquiring their own experience. A working team that offers customers the right solution for the needs of each specific intervention. Where? In the part of Piedmont, now protected by Unesco, the Barbera wine region, that is Le Langhe and Monferrato,

Forming and elaborating constitute fundamental activities for the creation of a project and a work of architecture that will accompany future generations. This is why Formaelab is a technical firm, which puts the quality of the architecture in first place, without neglecting any other aspects related to the complex design/construction process.

Our professionals

Our consultancy represents real added value. Dealing with a single contact person guarantees the identification of the most suitable and effective solution in every phase of the renovation work