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Services and consultancy

The design and supervision of the work constitute an extremely important part of the activities carried out by FORMAELAB, but these operations are framed by a series of obligations for which our structure can offer support, for example the tax benefits, which can be accessed when renovating a building or constructing a first home.
The main activities for which we provide our professionalism and consultancy include:

  • Real Estate Technical Consultancy
  • Design approach and town planning consultancy

  • Commercial, production and residential allocation study

  • Tax benefits and deductions

  • 3D design and rendering for interiors and exteriors

  • Cadastral and town planning conformity and building regularisation

  • Building practices

  • Cadastral transactions

  • Geometric and land surveys (Studiodrone component)

  • Energy certifications

  • Ordinary and sworn expert evaluations as well as appraisals declared on oath

  • Technical consultancy 626,494,81/08

  • Inheritance, divisions and splits

  • Thousandth tables

  • Biased technical consultancy

Furthermore, FORMAELAB can offer you the Real Estate Marketing service with Digital Home Staging, in other words a precise design aimed at revamping the interiors of your property, which will enable you to present them better to estate agencies or private customers, allowing you to sell them or rent them more easily!